Slaughtered donkeys

Kairo News editors have been bombarded with reactions shortly after the publication of a story in which state security agents cautioned relatives and close friends to avoid eating President Yahya Jammeh’s voodoo-infested beef that awaits  unsuspecting shoppers at the market.  The talking agents have evidence that the voodoo-obsessed leader mixes beef with donkey meat, the goal being to instill fear among Gambians anytime his name is mentioned.

The story’s publication has forced the leakage of a picture evidence of Jammeh’s sinister donkey business. In the picture above, which was secretly taken at the President’s slaughter house in Kanilai, Jammeh’s butchers are seen skinning donkeys before being passed off as beef to unsuspecting Gambian shoppers, majority of who are Muslims. They won’t eat donkey meat for any reason.

This story is yet another clear manifestation that President Jammeh’s declaration of the Gambia as an Islamic State in December is shrouded in hypocrisy because most interpretation of Islamic dietary laws forbid consumption of donkey meat. In the words of one wise elder, “Yahya Jammeh is power drunk which is why he will do anything under the hot sun to remain in power. He will slaughter even his own mother to protect the presidency. But when Allah’s time comes, he will not have any choice.”



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