Gambian Language Absent In His House

yahyaOur investigation has proven that despite his public ranting threatening to replace English as the country’s official language, Gambian leader speaks with his family in English and French.

“Only English and French are spoken in his household,” a source familiar with Mr. Jammeh told Kairo News.

“Only his daughter Mariam has learnt to speak Mandinka and started telling us “sumole” [what is your name]. Jammeh became so mad when he understood that Lt. Ba Jerreh Manneh was teaching her. He questioned why Ba Jerreh did that.”

Our investigation also discovered that President Jammeh speaks to the First Lady Zeinab Jammeh in French.

“In fact, he calls her ma cheri [my lover in French]. The two talk in French,” our source said, asking whether Mr. Jammeh is fooling himself or Gambians.

“He is a very elusive person who is hard to understand. How can you speak the language of your enemies in your household and continue to hate him? I have always believe that he earned the presidency through hypocrisy. How can you replace English as the Gambia’s official language when you speak to your family in the same language? I think he should first introduce local language in his household before stealing people’s attention on what cannot be possible. Is that not bizarre?”



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