Ismaila Sanyang too is axed but for how long?

Ismaila Sanyang too is axed but for how long?

President Yahya Jammeh again reshuffled his cabinet on Monday. The minor reshuffle affected Ministers of Agriculture and Presidential Affairs, Ismaila Sanyang and Sulayman Samba, respectively.

The news, contained in a terse press release, comes less than a month after another minor cabinet reshuffle.

While the fate of Ismaila Sanyang remains unclear, President Jammeh maintains Sulayman Samba as the Secretary General and Head of Civil Service. Mr. Sanyang replaced the dismissed deputy Agriculture Minister Ousman Jammeh in mid-October. He has been Agriculture Minister for less than three months.

Sheriffo Bojang, a former Permanent Secretary of Agriculture, was appointed the deputy Minister of Agriculture. President Jammeh has once again decided to take over the Agriculture Ministry, which has a lot of projects as well as attracts huge funding.

The reshuffle is in line with the powers vested on Mr. Jammeh by Section 71 (4) (B) of the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia.

Cabinet reshuffle has become so rampant in The Gambia since Yahya Jammeh seized power by force in July 1994, with Agriculture and Justice Ministries bearing the greatest brunt.



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