Jali Pa Suso, Guest of ML Sillah

The approachable and down to earth griot commonly and fondly nicknamed Jali Seattle discusses the history of Fulladou, Toumana, and the then fortress of Tambasansang. Pa Suso, who is based in the United States, elaborates on his own personal heritage. In that he stated that Jalis (griots) of the past played instrumental role in the political, economic and social functions of kingdoms and territories.

The activist griot wonders why some people find it strange that a traditional griot is active in the political struggle. He makes reference to his great grandfather who participated in battles.  “Griots should also be active in seeing that democracy and the rule of law exist.”

Jali Seattle also fondly talks about the Kora Kunda family and their reign during the Musa Molloh rule of Fulladou. Musa Molloh governed by reaching out to allies due to the challenges he encountered from many freeborn Fulas who were then giving allegiance to his uncle and brother.

“Our heritage is something we cannot throw away or disregard,” Jali Suso said, emphasising the important role of griots as custodians of our oral history. The Suso kunda griot family in Tambasansang have a say when it comes to the narrative of Fulladou and environs. Pa Suso spoke adoringly of the Kora Kunda lineage.  His close relationships with the natives of Tambasansang is noticeable in the entire program.

Pa Suso will make the discourse a series which may not follow any particular pattern, however, listeners will benefit from his rich knowledge in the conversation.



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