oppositionGambian opposition representatives on Sunday held the first talks aimed setting the stage for a possible winning strategy against President Yahya Jammeh on December 1st elections.

The talks, spearheaded by Mrs. Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, took place at the YMCA in Kanifing. In attendance were all the opposition parties except the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) and People’s Organisation for Independence Development and Socialism (PDOIS).

A man privy to the talks said meeting went well well, although “a lot of small contradictions and misunderstandings were sorted out. At the end the meeting, hearts and minds were in unison.”

In a written message to Kairo News, Deyda Hydara wrote that “it now behoove on PDOIS and GMC to attend the next meeting which will be held very soon. The meeting was very positive indeed. A roadmap is being thought out and will be tabled on the next meeting. All of us the ground are happy about the outcome of the meeting and would encourage the diaspora to mend fences and forget the small personal differences and look at the bigger picture. The organizers and participants will issue a communique in due course.”

In an earlier  a communique to the press, Mrs. Jallow-Tambajang said the talks were kick-started by the committee of concerned Gambian citizens of all walks of life around the world. These people, according to her, succeeded in convincing opposition political leaders to launch a winning coalition party strategy for the December 2016 National Elections.

She said the coalition’s consensus building approach solely resonate with the interest and aspirations of all Gambians for democratic change of the 21 years dictatorship and inherent modern day slavery. Mrs. Jallow-Tambajang promises to publicize the outcome of the meeting as soon as possible to facilitate the sharpening of our future campaigns at all levels.

The Committee, she added, considers it important to mention that this long awaited prospective coalition paradigm, if embraced with sincerity, transparency, tolerance (respect for the individual and mutual support) by all of us, will be the right path to victory not for the Committee of Concerned Gambian Citizens alone, but it will be for our entire suppressed and oppressed nation. Therefore, let all of us commit ourselves to adopt these professional and civilized norms and values by working together strategically to leverage our movement for democratic change with focus on saving our nation come  December 1, 2016 National Elections or never!

In a separate document entitled “Call For A Credible & Gender-Balanced Coalition For Gambia – Third Republic,” the committee spelt out its mission of defeating Yahya Jammeh’s 21 years of undemocratic political leadership. Such a leadership resulted to gross violations of human rights, abject poverty, unlawful detentions, extra-judicial killings, murder, disappearances of innocent people, among others. This also resulted to mass exodus of Gambian intellectuals and promising youths to the diaspora. The committee wants to form a credible and gender-balanced coalition party whose goal is to win the 2016 national elections and then usher our country into democratic governance, peace and prosperity.

Gentlemen, forming a credible and gender balanced coalition and adopting a winning citizen-centered political strategy, will rekindle the frustrated spirits and aspirations of all Gambians for change. This will also send a powerful political message to President Yahya A. A. J. Jammeh and his detractors that Gambians have enough of living as second class citizens in their own country. While this situation is blatant, we would also encourage you to constantly update the international community on his excessive human rights abuses, personal greed and monopoly of community and national assets, including development projects and the economy.



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