Astute Kemeseng Jammeh has natural fighting spirits!

After 50 years of attaining nationhood from the Great Britain, The Gambia has been ruled by only two leaders: Presidents Sir Dawda Jawara and Yahya Jammeh. The former ruled for 30 years until 1994 when the latter seized power by forced, complaining about a whole range of issues, including overstay in power. Then junta Chairman Lt. Yahya Jammeh swore that “no one would ever be allowed to rule the country for more than ten years.” The same man has already ruled for 21 years and intends to do so for a billion years, despite getting signals that Gambians are sick and tired of his government’s failed policies and its entrenchment of gross violation of human rights.

A prominent opposition figure told the weekend UDP rally in Tanje that Gambians “must learn from the messes caused by overstay in power.” Kemeseng Jammeh, the man who has been a formidable opposition during the First and Second Republics, urged Gambians to resist President Jammeh’s plans to rule indefinitely. The former Jarra West Member of Parliament wants President to “learn from the lessons of Jawara’s overstay.” The take home for the title-hungry leader is to leave power, which is not in Jammeh’s books, for he thinks he is the only Gambian gifted enough to govern. This is an insult to our intellect and intelligence. President Barack Obama scolded African leaders for thinking that they are the only people capable of ruling or unifying the country. Such leaders have simply failed their responsibility to effectively govern.

Kemeseng Jammeh said Gambians have had enough of President Jammeh’s bitter pills. He cited the pains farmers go through in tilling the land only to deny them from selli g their produce. “The APRC government will be remembered for creating failec groundnut seasons for farmers,” he said, reminding his audience about the Jammeh government’s legal tussle with ALIMENTA, a company that had its businesses illegally closed down,” Kemeseng added. The result was that ALIMENTA won the fight and The Gambia fined millions of Dollars.



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