In this embedded video, President Yahya Jammeh is challenged head on about his defiance to turn The Gambia into an Islamic State. The woman in the video posted by Nicholas Bass on Facebook asked the Church of the Gambia to rise up and tell truth to power for annihilating minority Christian population whose finger print is felt or seen in almost everything Gambian. The video is another repudiation of a failed dictator who sees Islam as his only surviving strength to extend his dictatorial rule.

“We have to speak up, rise up and do something,” said the woman whose speech is loaded with quotations from the Bible. She said since persecution has always been part of the Christian faith, Gambian Christian leaders must be ready to lead in the fight to maintain their religious rights in a country where the Constitution guarantees the right of all faiths.

The woman has lost hope in Christian leaders for “accepting Jammeh’s blood money.” She said they should have told the President the bitter truth so as to maintain their dignity and protect their faith and community.



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