Darsilameh Caliph GeneralThe Caliph General of the Sheriff Caliphate in Dasilameh Sangajor, who has been illegally detained since Tuesday, was on Thursday morning ferried to Banjul for a meeting with members of the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC). The Council members reportedly told the Caliph General that his arrest was initiated by them [ SIC] and not President Jammeh. Sheikh Muhidein Hydara, a resident of Foni in Western Region, was told that his arrest was in connection with his refusal to obey President Yahya Jammeh’s edit [fatwa] that no Eid prayers should be held in Western Region area on Tuesday.

During a heated conversation at the Police Inspector General’s Office in Banjul, the Caliph General reportedly insisted that “the people of Dasilameeh did not get any clear confirmation from any reliable source that the moon was sighted on Sunday evening. Dasilameh community had no choice other than wait until Monday when the moon was sighted. This was the reason why the entire community of Dasilameh unanimously agreed to pray on Tuesday.”

Sheikh Muhidein filled the shoes of his sick nephew Imam on Tuesday.

The Caliph and the Alkalo of Dasilameh had been arrested and placed in police custody since Tuesday July 29th. The 80 year-old Sheikh Muhidein Hydara was picked up soon after leading Eid-ul-fitr payers. He was first detained at Sibanor Police Station where he spent the night with his devotees [talibes] before being transferred to Yundum Police Station. The respected Spiritual Leader was later transferred to Banjul where he was surprised to have a face-to-face discussion with the embattled Supreme Islam Council executive members. One of the members identified at the said meeting was the Council’s President Alhagie Lamin Touray.

The area has been a scene of big crowds, with the Hydara Sheriff clans from Cassamance, Guinea Bissau and Dakar sending powerful delegations to show their solidarity with the Shangajor Caliph General.

The presence of the well-known Dasilameh Caliph General at Yundum Police Station had also attracted huge crowds of relatives, family friends and followers.

Sheikh Muhidein Hydara was ordained to the throne in 2009. This followed the demise of Muhidein’s immediate predecessor and late elder brother Sheriff Anfal Hydara of blessed memory.

Kairo News could not get quotes from the Council that has over the years left itself at the mercy of President Jammeh, conferring him with all the highly coveted Islamic titles.



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