Kairo News was tipped that Gambian president is hell bent on implementing his 203 threats of interfering with the results of the 2013 population and housing census. Jammeh has reportedly delayed the report so that some surnames be categorized as he desires.

The Gambia Bureau of Statistics last month published the 2013 census provisional report, pegging the Gambia’s population at 1.8 million people. The country’s population increased by 5.6 percent. It is not clear when the official report will be available.

Unsatisfied with the 2003 Census report, President Yahya Jammeh said he would make sure that surnames such as Sonko, Bojang, Jarju, Sanneh, Jabbi, Gassama and Jammeh be classified as non-Mandinkas. “He wants them to be either classified as Bainunkas or Jolas but not Mandinkas,” our source at the Central Statistics said. ““President Jammeh has asked the Statistics Department to withhold the results of the 2013 until the officials categorized these surnames,” confirmed a source familiar with the scheme.

“President Jammeh’s ultimate goal is to reduce the majority of Mandinka ethnic group through whatever means. He thinks the best way to do that is to remove Sanneh, Jammeh, Bojang, Sonko, Gassama and Jabbi [Jammeh said a short form of Kujabi] from the Mandinka ethnicity,” our source added. “President Jammeh wants the Central Statistics to do the categorization before making the Census report public.”

It took the Gambia government more than nine months before it issued the preliminary census results, which raises concern that it might have been doctored.

Kairo News is informed that President Yahya Jammeh’s plans to doctor the census results began with the appointment of his kinsman. “He appointed NyakassiJarjue to help him execute his plans of categorizing certain last names,” a source told Kairo.

Since he ascended to power through the barrel of a gun in July 1994, the former army Lieutenant has been championing seeds of tribalism.

Until 1994, Gambian tribes have been living in peace and harmony. But analysts believe that President Jammeh’s anti-Mandinka tirade is a reflection of his insecurity.

The Jammeh overnment’s last bashing on the Mandinka ethnicity was not only greeted with mountains of condemnation but also succeeded in unifying Diaspora Gambian  against a government that betrays the mandate of her people.



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