The Gambia’s Interior Minister has responded to wisely circulated rumours milling in the country and in the diaspora that a curfew has since been imposed in Kanilai where irate supporters of former President Yahya Jammeh had violent confrontation with regional peacekeeping troops. The confrontation led to the death of one Haruna Jammeh, arrest and detention of more than two dozen of protest who felt it their bonafide right to protest, haul insults and burn tyres without securing permit.

Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty who was attending the ECOWAS summit in Liberia had immediately flown home to manage the post-Jammeh security crisis. He had addressed the nation, warning that no act of lawlessness would be accepted in a New Gambia where citizens have the choice to either obey the law or be consumed by it. Security has since been reinforced in Kanilai, with ECOWAS leaders extending the mandate of the peacekeepers whose presence was one of the reasons that sparked the violent protest.

However, rumour has been going round accusing Interior Minister of imposing a disk to dawn curfew in Kanilai, a claim Mai Fatty vehemently disputed. Below is Fatty’s reaction:

I have no authority under law to either declare or impose a curfew in any part of The Gambia. I did not declare or authorize the imposition of a curfew in any part of The Gambia. The Gambia Government has not imposed or declared a curfew in any part of The Gambia. If conditions existed that will trigger such declaration or imposition in any part of the country, textual procedures must be followed. As of now, no such conditions have been determined to have existed.”



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