imran darboe

Imran Darboe U.K

By Imran Darboe (U.K)

A poem

Sometimes I sit and wonder about the chaos in the world,
Africa in turmoil, it’s a ship in a tsunami. 
We have pirates at the helm, everything is topsy-turvy.
Like sailors with scurvy, the leaders are intellectually-starved. 
They are thieves and tyrants, killers and liars.
All the rulers in need of personality transplants.
Mutiny on the ship, rebels with guns
Spreading grief and strife like metastasized-tumors
This social-pollution is all around the world
Big Nations become bullies, emotionally-handicapped.
The small ones prostitutes morally-castrated. 
Politicians engage in egotistical-masturbation, 
They promise so many things, all diplomatic-lies
Banks had to receive financial-resuscitation 
For nations to avoid economic suicide. 
I sit and wonder if this will ever end? 
Or will it get worse until the Lord calls out for lights-out?

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