Alagie CeesayEven as he battles for survival at the intensive care unit, Jammeh’s mercenary judge is still anxiously waiting to hang journalist Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay as if she is not a woman. Our society expects a woman to exercise mercy in whatever she does. But who is blaming a judge who has been hired to serve only one man’s interest? A judge who has his/her hands tied! Justice Simon Abi, who currently presides over Mr. Ceesay’s case, denied him bail citing flimsy excuses. As if she has no blood in her veins. Justice Abi ruled that Alagie’s appalling health was not an important factor to grant bail to a man who has been remanded for over 200 days. This was the fourth time that Alagie would be denied his constitutional right to secure bail. Justice Abi was following in the footsteps of Justice Balarabe and Magistrate Momodou Jallow. All these people sold their soul to the Kanilai Satan who has been swinging justice dispensation in his favour. But we have seen how the same Satan had used and abused people from all walks of life in the past only to trap and hang them when they outlived their usefulness. The case of jailed former Chief Justice Joseph Wowo is one good example.

Alagie has been slapped with seven counts of sedition, stemming from an electronic photo message the accused had reportedly sent to his girl friend. President Jammeh is being gun-pointed in the said photo, prosecutors alleged. No law exists in the books that denies people accused of sedition bail. But Alagie’s case is treated differently simply because Yahya Jammeh has personal interest in it. This is why judges cannot dispense justice with free hands. We are not therefore surprised that Justice Abi is in a hurry to nail the coffin. Instead of adjourning the case until she confirms the medical condition of Alagie Ceesay, Justice Abi set the next sitting to March 15. Will Justice Abi order Alagie to appear before her court while still on his hospital bed? She will definitely do so to satisfy Satanic President.

As colleagues in the media, we stand tall with Alagie Ceesay and his family as they go through unbearable pains. Our message to Jammeh and members of his criminal enterprise is to stop their endless bullying. A government that cannot explain or investigate the death of a trade union leader has betrayed the trust and confidence of its people. Mr. President, don’t you think of a day you will cease to be president or exist.



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