In response to Halifa’s program for election shared with the media. 

‘Halifa Sallah have patient and adopt teamwork as a strategy to remove an entrench tyrant.’

On the flag bearer selection process, this is what Mr. Sallah said:

Section 47 of the Constitution makes provision for a presidential candidate to be nominated by 5000 voters with at least 200 voters being resident in each region;
I, Halifa Sallah, wish to express my preparedness to participate in a primary where each presidential candidate, being independent or a party nominee, would provide a list of five thousand nominators for his or her candidature, and other parties with candidates doing the same to enable a coalition to have a list of voters who will participate in electing one person from among the presidential candidates to be flag bearer of the coalition; I will further subscribe to each candidate selecting a man and a woman to preside over the election in each region.

Looking at this type of selection process, one can easily arrive at a stalemate. If equal numbers of voters for each candidate vote for their respective candidate, there will be stalemate and no candidate will emerge a winner to be the flag bearer.

Secondly, Halifa deviated completely from his 2011 primary selection proposal of having voters selected from the percentage points of each party results from past presidential elections. This new process in essence tightens Halifa Sallah’s resolve not to be part of a united flag bearer process while preferring to hide in obscure and obstruction gymnastics for fear of public criticism. In view of the above and provided Halifa rethinks this position one can conclude that PDOIS is not interest in a coalition flag bearer selection and prefers to play with the gallery whiles buying time for himself.

Thirdly if an independent candidate has to go through the same process of selection then look no further, Halifa Sallah clearly disqualifies an independent candidate from the selection process. One would have thought that an independent candidate would directly benefit from the 5000 registered voters to submit to the IEC from parties on the ground.

Finally Halifa Sallah is not giving prominence and urgency to the Opposition G6 Electoral Reform demands in which PDOIS is a signatory, this has not been clearly stated in his press release. One would have thought that, ALL parties should mute their candidate agenda and concentrate full speed ahead on the reforms until at least the 30th June when no changes would be further made in the electoral laws six months before the election date as stipulated in the ECOWAS electoral protocols.

Lastly Halifa Sallah should accept that it is the Almighty Allah that chooses a president of country and no amount of political maneuvering can derail GOD’s plan for the chosen one. Let Halifa Sallah have patient and adopt teamwork as a strategy to remove an entrench tyrant. I hope Mr. Sallah will rethink his position and join the all inclusive opposition bandwagon.

Thank you.

Look out for part two.

Deyda Haidara.


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