Wanterr, wanterr, Kairba Supermarket and rice imported by Tajudeen on sale at the cheap as the owner is kicked out of The Gambia. D800 for a bag of rice, chicken and other food stuff at Kairaba Supermarket are on discounted sale. A source told Kairo News that”Tajudeen opens up his ports authority warehouses and is selling everything cheap just to recover some loss before leaving the country.”

The deportation of the prominent Lebanese business tycoon and subsequent forced closure of his chain of stores is raising fears of eminent shortages of rice, chicken and other basic food in The Gambia. Business consultants describe Hussien Tajudeen as one of the best businessmen in the country. Tajudeen is counting his losses in the millions due to his alleged links with Hezbollah, a terror group in Lebanon.

One source said “Hussein Tajudeen is a victim of circumstances who is caught up in the kettle of proxy global war. Mr Tajudeen is one the most honest and reliable Gambian businessman who will spend extra making sure all his food stuff meet required standards before importing them to The Gambia. All his foods are usually not imported expired or marked with false labels unlike other businessmen.”


The source said Hussein Tajudeen is a religious man who imports only ‘Shariah-compliant livestock foods’. All the meat products imported by Tajudeen are Halal, including the stable and the highly sought after ‘chicken products’.

As of yesterday, Hussien Tajudeen opened his warehouses and is selling rice at below the cost price of D800 per bag, making a loss of D400 for each bag of rice. Banjul port is full with teaming customers rushing to buy the rice at the cheap. Mr Tajudeen is authorised to sell all his commodities within a month.

Kairaba Supermarket is also selling the item on the ‘wanterr’ at heavy discount. People are advised to buy food and stock rice before the shortage strikes the rice-loving Gambians.




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