Imam CeesayThe Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has blamed Gambians for leaving almost everything in the hands of Allah. Imam Momodou Ceesay said it’s Islamically correct to act and solve your problems when you can.

Imam Ceesay was responding to a question on Kairo Radio’s question and answer program. He said Allah has enjoined Muslims to act whenever they can. This means they only leave their grievances in Allah’s hands when they run out of options.

The cleric argues that such a mentality is not a true reflection of Islamic teachings. “Anyone whose rights have been infringed upon must strive to act,” he said. “Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] fought heavily when infidels attacked him. It’s falsehood and cowardice to leave everything in Allah’s hands when you can act. That is exactly what is happening in The Gambia where relatives of murdered victims fold their hands expecting others to do their fight.”

The holy Quran, he says, clearly states that “whoever kills deliberately must also die. But the relatives of the dead person should stand firm and demand for justice. This is what is not happening in The Gambia. Unfortunately, religious leaders are not helping either.”

The resident Imam asked why people who blamed Allah for their incarceration did not go to the mosque to pray upon release. “We have seen religious leaders telling pardoned prisoners that their imprisonment was ordained by Allah. If that is the case, then why didn’t they go to the mosque instead of bowing down before a mortal being? It’s hypocritical to say that Allah imprisons and a human pardons.”

Imam Ceesay advises clerics to stay away from leaders who often feed on forbidden wealth. “They squander and feed on what belongs to everyone. If the clerics want to maintain their respect and avoid leading their followers astray, they must work and feed on their sweat.”



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