fattyThe former Imam of State House Mosque has maintained his earlier stance on female circumcision otherwise known as female genital mutilation (FGM). Imam Abdoulie Fatty says the practice is not a joke which is why Islam does not compromise it. He says the practice is a Sunnah, the verbal transmitted record of the teachings, deeds, sayings and silent permissions or disapproval of Prophet Muhammad.

A fortnight ago, President Yahya Jammeh banned female circumcision. Jammeh says after 21 years of research, he is now convince that the practice is purely cultural because it has no connection with Islam. In a blunt tone, the leader who strongly support female circumcision throughout his presidency, threatens to “circumcise any religious or traditional leader” that goes against his impromptu presidential edit.

But a video broadcast posted on Imam Fatty’s Facebook page contradicts President Jammeh’s take on FGM. The learned cleric quoted several authoritative hadith and sources, including Buhari and Muslim that endorse the practice. He therefore sees female circumcision as something that has been advised by Prophet Muhammad. Fatty says whoever wants to condemn or ban the practice can do so but that does not mean it is not accepted by Islam. “That is between that person and Allah,” maintains a cleric who has spent more than two decades advocating the practice of female circumcision.

“Prophet Muhammad never advised anyone to stop the practice. In fact, he advised Muslim to purify themselves [wash janaba] when two circumcised parts touch each other. Here he does not mean the circumcised parts of men. No he is referring to a man and woman. How can you then tell me that circumcision is illegal in Islam?” the cleric who had earlier fallen apart with President Jammeh asks.

Imam Fatty describes as unfounded that female circumcision does not take place in Saudi Arabia.

Imam Fatty urges circumcisors to apply care during their procedure. “They are advised to cut little part of the clitoris, but it is not proper to remove the entire clitoris,” he adds, explaining several benefits of the procedure, including purifying girls, shining their faces at old age and helping them combat too much sexual pressure.

Listen to Imam Fatty’s full video.



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