Former WUlli MP Sedia Jatta

Former WUlli MP Sedia Jatta

“Secularism is good in so many ways because we don’t have a monolithic religion in the Gambia, and even within the same faith groups, people tend to have some variations in the way they conduct their religious affairs,” the former Wuli West Member of Parliament tells Kairo Radio. Sedia Jatta believes that “having a secular government helps all sides live in peace and harmony.”

Mr. Jatta is a guest of Kairo Radio’s special programme on the role of Secularism and Islam and how the two impact on our society. Jatta said as a politician, he is not qualified to talk about faith and religion on a political platform. “Such a role should be carried out by religious clerics,”he said, adding that it makes sense for politicians in a Secular State like ours to desist from promoting one religion against the other.

Sedia Jatta is one of the Gambia’s Social Thinkers whose speeches have been shaping people’s way of thinking, especially about the role of the government, politician and ordinary people in a democratic society.

In an interview being aired on Kairo Radio today, Jatta who is currently on tour in Norway and Sweden, talks about the people and events that shaped his philosophy and ideas. “My late father, Sanna Jatta, who brought me up singlehandedly and enrolled me in school so I could better my own life and others helped prepare me for the future. My life had also been impacted positively by the father of the late Bubacarr Baldeh, Micheal Baldeh and my meeting with Kwame Nkrummah while studying in Ghana.”

Mr. Jatta said his party’s message is slowly but surely getting into the hearts of people, especially in his constituency where the APRC used everything within its powers to win but without success. He expressed the importance of building a conscious society in the Gambia.

Kairo Radio is expected to have anothet exclusive interview with the respected Politician, Social Thinker and formet Curriculum Development Officer.



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