Gambian President Adama Barrow has doused critics beliefs that he is scared to live in State House in Banjul. Some even speculated that the place is infested with voodoo of President Barrow’s predecessor. Mr. Barrow finally moved to the State House on Sunday.

Barrow had earlier conducted official business at Kairaba Beach Hotel before occupying State House number 2 at Fajara. Mr. Barrow had lived outside the seat of the government in Banjul ten months after he had defeated Yahya Jammeh, ending the Gambia’s 22-years of dictatorship.

“My critics said I’m scared of moving to State in Banjul,” President Barrow told a gathering involving religious leaders upon arrival in State House. “How can a person who wrestle an all-powerful, heavily armed dictator to the ground be scared of anything?” President Barrow asked, amid general laughter.

The Gambia government had earlier said President Barrow would move to Banjul after completion of renovation at State House. Television footages showed colossal damage to State House infrastructure soon after Yahya Jammeh had left for exile in Equatorial Guinea.

President Barrow, who would now be conducting official government in Banjul, asked his audience to repeat praise be to Allah for allowing “us to take back our country and our freedom. With unity, concerted effort and prayer, we were able to do what no country did: defeat a dictator without a fight.”

Gambian leader said it is an irony for them to assemble and pray for the country in a mosque built by Mr. Jammeh, the man whom none of worshippers is praying for.


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