Civil society leader

Civil society leader

Is it illegal indeed? I think it is a misnomer at best and stupid at worst to classify the journeys by mainly young Africans across the Sahara and the Mediterranean to Europe as illegal. It is not.

In the first place these people have a constitutional right to leave their home countries by any means available to them to go somewhere else. The act of leaving is a human right. Freedom of movement.

Secondly they are entering Europe in the same way David Livingstone and Cecil Rhodes entered Africa or how Christopher Columbus entered America or how Marco Polo entered China. They were called explorers and discoverers and the like. In like manner these Africans cannot be called therefore Migrants or Illegal Migrants or going to Europe thru the Backway. No. Because Cecil Rhodes and Columbus or Alvisto Cadamosto et al where not called that even though their reasons 500 years ago to enter Africa is the same reason these Africans have today for entering Europe. It’s all economic and political. It was these European explorers that paved the way for slavery and colonialism and consequently the Industrial Revolution and massive development of Europe as manifesting today.

So this means these Africans are explorers and discoverers as well and they must be supported by their leaders and governments as the monarchs of England and Spain and Portugal supported their explorers to enter Africa.

Both of them never went through any official route and did not seek a visa and merely forced their way in. That’s how Mungo Park went all the way into the interior of the Gambia and our people accepted him and even died and buried in Karantaba.

Likewise we must call on the Europeans to accept these African explorers as we accepted their own 500 years ago. Tit for tat is a fair game. What is good for the gander is good for the goose.

So let us stop condemning our youth as illegal migrants or pouring such stupid slogans as No To Backway. Which Backway? They are EXLORERS.

This is however not to defend the failure of our leaders and governments for generating such thousands of Explorers.

Defend your people.


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