pa modouA former high ranking military officer has confidently stated that his hands are clean.

Lt. Colonel Pa Modou Ann’s name has never been linked to any atrocity or brutality in the Gambia. The former military administrator has been admired for his high level of professionalism, discipline and willingness to work with all while in uniform.

Mr. Ann, who lives in Minnesota in the United States, told Kairo Radio’s Talking Point that “my hands are absolutely clean. I don’t have Gambian blood on my hands; I can raise my hands and say with confidence that I have never killed, offended or insulted my fellow Gambian while in uniform. That is not who I am.”

Lt. Colonel Ann was talking to Mohammed Lamin Sillah, the anchor of Talking Point on Sunday. Mr. Sillah’s question was preceded by his belief that “he who seeks justice must come with clean hands.”

Mr. Ann said he has always believed in justice, fairness and professionalism. “That is what I have exercised throughout and still continue to exercise because those are the fundamental values, principles, morality and faith that shape my life.”

Lt. Colonel Ann’s full interview with Mr. Sillah will be relayed on Kairo Radio on Wednesday.



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