Motafe, thank you for your contribution. First of all, I do not have any hatred for any Gambian tribe or citizen except Jammeh. I despise him. I even prefer feces more than Jammeh. We have stated the facts in our country. Jammeh has been given top positions to jolas since he came to power. He trusted them more than any tribe. Today majority the top leadership in the country’s security apparatus and many institutions are head by Jolas. Jolas are receiving preferential treatment and it is jola hegemony we have in The Gambia. The head of army, police force, NIA, ministry of finance, central bank, agriculture, interior minister, local government and lands, Gamcel, GIA and many others department are lead by Jolas. The dictators always used minority tribe to oppress the majority. This was what had happened in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and many other countries. All those dictators are from minority tribe and they used their tribe In the military to kill citizens. Saddam has killed Shirtes and Kurds in Iraq while majority of his top military leaders are Sunnis. Gaddafie was from minority tribe and he used his tribe in military to oppress Libyan for 40 years. Jammeh is also from minority tribe and he is using jolas in the military to oppress Gambians. This is why he continue to target UDP which is inclusive party. Jammeh has brought in tribalism in The Gambia. Jolas has responsibility to distance themselves From Jammeh’s tribal vitriol and stand up for unity of the country. Not all jolas are following Jammeh but majority are especially those in the military or security services. Jolas are also victimized in the process because jammeh is using them.Those jolas who stood up to him are real patriotic citizens and Gambian people are aware of their efforts.

Jammeh has enablers who are from all the tribes but it is fact that Jolas are the one receiving preferential treatment than other tribe. I am sure you are aware that Jammeh hates Mandinka more than any other tribe. He has demonstrated his hatred toward Mandinkas. Yes you are right he spare nobody but remember that even kidnappers favor some individuals more than others among their victims. Among Jammeh’s victims, he favors Jolas more than any tribe but he also hates Mandinkas more than any other tribe. This is the fact you cannot deny.




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