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This is what Sam Sarr, the new dictator Jammeh’s mouthpiece said about the Human Rights Watch findings. With all the people tortured, killed, exiled, wounded, disabled, Sam Sarr is hanging onto tribalism as the main reason people reject Yahya Jammeh. What a buffoon, self-serving fool!

Read an excerpt from the long winded nonsense:

“If the Gambia was to create such commission as demanded by the government’s opponents, I think a truth and reconciliation one should be about addressing the tribalism that for decades stratified the country’s ethnic groups according to their political importance based on nothing tangible but backwardness. The Jolas, the tribe President Jammeh hailed from was always discriminated against, their political roles and voices marginalized and above all their status reduced to the lowest in a social hierarchy that was demeaning and very unfair to them. That negative pervasive mindset has over the years become a habit among the diehard members of the “superior” tribes who will go to their graves refusing to accept that a Jola is ruling the Gambia. And believe in me, this Jola has been doing it far better than all the members of the master tribe leaders before him and the master race before them-the British colonialist. As a matter of fact President Jammeh like President Obama found the countries they inherited in the worst state of mess and in record time brought about their recovery that historians will one day admit together as being the greatest to happen in modern times.

Take for instance the most ever popular Wollof leader first appointed Chief Minister of The Gambia during colonial days Mr. Pierre Sarr Njie. He was a lawyer who because of unethical practices was debarred by the British before he got into politics in the 50’s. Yet when the Mandinkas started demanding their rights to be enfranchised, the British tried to collaborate with Mr. Njie in a plan to hand over the Gambia to Senegal. Even the Akus had to fight against the conspirators to effect what would have been a monumental disaster.

Then next was Sir Dawda Jawara the post-independent leader of the Gambia who fought a successful battle of enfranchising the Mandinkas and getting political independence for the country from Britain in 1965. However for the thirty years or more he ruled the Gambia, he did little to improve the bad living conditions of the Gambians and ran the country as if he was a Black British who constantly sought endorsement from Queen Elizabeth 11 up to the day, on 22nd July 1994, when His Excellency President Jammeh put it to him that enough was enough. Trust me in his book Kairaba, published in 2009, the ex-Gambian president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara explained how he was upset with the former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt for condemning the British government in 1943 after a stop in Bathurst ( now Banjul) for the inhumane and despicable manner they treated the colonized Gambians. Sir Dawda felt that the twenty-four hours Mr. Roosevelt spent in the country was not enough for him to judge the British that harshly. Well, did he want him to take a week’s tour of the country first and see beyond Bathurst before concluding about whether the British were doing a good job or not? Anyhow in a subsequent chapter in his book, Sir Dawda further wrote how glad he was to get his first job at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Bathurst after finishing school. He was a lab technician where he said the hospital was segregated into whites only wards and black wards. He revealed that even the most important Akus who were next to the Europeans in terms of importance couldn’t be admitted in the whites-only wards even if that area was empty and the rest of the wards overcrowded. Sir Dawda concluded by admitting that the discrimination in the hospital was a quintessential representation of the society the British had built in the Gambia. But Roosevelt was still to be blamed for saying what said about the merciless British.

As a person he couldn’t be accused of tribalism as such but the political era he oversaw was corrupted by tribal elements well entrenched in his government who played its filthy game of to acquire votes and stay in power. These are the losers still huffing and puffing over why it shouldn’t be them but a Jola who didn’t mean anything before. They don’t understand that if the British and French did not demarcate the region in 1888 and cut through their habit that spread from the banks of the River Gambia in the Fonis to the Guinea Bissau border, the Jolas would have developed into the most viable economic, political and social establishment within the vicinity. It was the same Europeans who in their divide and rule policies instilled in the Gambians this politically-instigated tribal feud. They are the ones cutting the aids to the Gambia because President Jammeh refuses to be their puppet. It is even said that the Europeans are the ones who tell African puppet leaders not to ever allow President Jammeh to become ECOWAS Chairman. And his colleagues don’t know how to ask Europe to stop dictating their affairs. Every time President Jammeh addresses world leaders in any convention, they applaud him with standing ovations because he tells the truth as it should be. So what is wrong with letting him take the leadership position of ECOWAS for once when less experienced heads of state are offered the position whose performance usually appear like duplication of their predecessor’s.

Among the people tortured, killed, exiled and disabled by Jammeh included members of every tribe of the Gambia. Sam Sarr is lowest of the low in horrendous disregard to human rights.

Anyway let these politically tribal elements spare us the nonsense of President Jammeh stepping down when he was elected by the people of The Gambia who I can guarantee you will re-elect him next year because they still strongly support his policies and his unifying administration.

Tribalism starts from within the tribe itself. Most these tribes in the Gambia claiming superiority over the others entertain very obnoxious practices of discrimination within the tribe based on whose ancestors were Griots, blacksmiths, cobblers, slaves, and the like. The HRW perhaps don’t know that people’s rights are being violated physically and emotionally among tribes in The Gambia fanatically oriented along such backward mentality.

Ironically however, only the Jola tribe of President Jammeh and I think the Manjagos don’t practice such nonsense among the Gambian tribes. Yet folks like Felicity want to play along with the ignorant campaigners vilifying President Jammeh day in day out to please those who will care less if the country degenerates into tribal war like what we saw in Rwanda in 1994.

President Jammeh has done a tremendous job of constituting a political atmosphere in The Gambia that has over the years taught the Gambian people that Manjagos, Jolas and the other formally marginalized tribes in the country are equally as important as the Mandinkas, Wollofs and Fullas who for years acted as if they were the only ones who politically mattered in the country. He has also proven to everybody that he may look and sound different from the common leaders of the past, nevertheless he his track record shows a leader second to none in the entire African Continent. The true Gambians will continue to pray for his good health and long life together with members of his immediate family including his wife and children.”

Samsudeen Sarr

New York City

The rest of the terrible indefensible rant can be read here:



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