Ousman SonkoEveryone should be asking about the whereabouts of the leader of the opposition United Democratic Party except The Gambia’s Interior Minister. Ousman Sonko puts aside shame, visited Lawyer Ousainou Darboe’s Pipeline home and asked about the detained opposition leader’s whereabouts.

One opposition activist calls Sonko’s inquiry “a painful insult on Mr. Darboe’s family and Gambians in general.” Was it not Ousman Sonko’s Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers who arrested Lawyer Darboe and five of his executive members as they held peaceful protest on Saturday? “Sonko had the audacity to bring two gun-wielding soldiers along with him,” a competent source tells Kairo News. “The soldiers threatened Dembo Bojang, UDP’s National President during a quarrel.”

Ousman Sonko’s action had contradicted the statement of The Gambia’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang who confirmed to BBC Focus on Africa that Mr. Darboe and others were in state custody.

What is Ousman Sonko’s intention or that of The Gambia, is one’s guess because he ordered the PIU not to allow a group of concerned lawyers – Antouman Gaye, Hawa Ceesay-Sabally and Bory Touray – access to Mr. Darboe and co?

Whatever The Gambia government’s intention is best known to them but let them understand that The Gambia will never be the same if Mr. Darboe and co have disappeared. A government that arrest and detain cannot claim to have no knowledge of those under its custody. Mr. Darboe and co cannot disappear like Chief Manneh or Kanyiba. No government goes through that route and gets away with it. Despite all odds, President Yowerri Museveni of Uganda does not have the courage to disappear or kill his main rival Dr. Kizza Besigye.

President Jammeh must understand that the whole world is focusing microscope on his bloodthirsty government that is notorious for inflicting tortures, disappearances and carrying out executions. Therefore, your handling of this case will determine not only your fate but that of the country you have been ruling with iron fist.

We leave you with the old saying that you should look before you leap.



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