The emergence of an opposition presidential candidate in the person of Mama Kandeh has left Gambians caught up in a vigorous debate. While supporters see the new man as the saviour in waiting, opponents cast doubts on Mama Kandeh’s genuineness. They view him as a front cover for Yahya Jammeh. Mama’s failure to stand tall with the oppressed leadership of the United Democratic Party and a key member of his Gambia Democratic Congress Tina Faal have all been used against him. But his surrogates are convinced that their candidate deserves a chance for bringing new energy and enthusiasm into Gambian politics. For them, the former Jimara APRC lawmaker’s crowd speaks for itself. Still opponents have problem with many issues, including Mama Kandeh’s willingness to give amnesty to Yahya Jammeh, the man whose hands are filled with innocent Gambian blood.

In the light of the above, Kairo News decides to put its Banjul correspondent to investigate whether Mama Kandeh’s presidential bid has anything to do with Yahya Jammeh. His investigation has proven that Mama might have a hidden agenda but he has absolutely nothing to do with his former party leader.

One ruling party source says “the president has been at pains for being lied to that Mama Kandeh has no political clout or muscle, which is not the case. He saw a totally different story while crossing Brikama. The has been hauling insults for one week after seeing Mama’s large crowd.”

Mr. Jammeh fears that Kandeh’s bid will weaken him because his party becomes the biggest casualty. He believes that bulk of his (Mama’s) supporters come from the APRC. “Jammeh is scared to the bone that opposition victory is guaranteed when you have Mama in the ring. He doesn’t think Mama will win but it will help opposition UDP to win the December election with a simple majority. Kandeh has shattered Jammeh’s coalition,” a State House source tells Kairo News. 

Our sources say Mayor Yankuba Colley’s earlier statements about Mama Kandeh have been done out of fear. Our correspondent is convinced that Jammeh’s pre-occupation is how to destroy Mama Kandeh.



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