President Yaya Jammeh, the man who sees himself as the all-knowing faultless leader, strikes Senegalese leaders with his loose tongue. The neighbouring country’s citizens and leadership call the insult too painful to stomach, especially from a leader who is in the habit of blaming others for his failures.

President Jammeh unloaded what might be a private discussion (if they ever exist) with former Senegalese Presidents Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade. “I had predicted the defeat of Abdou Diouf before 2000,” Mr. Jammeh tells an audience desperately waiting to hear how their leader is going to alleviate their suffering. “I had told him to regulate the problem of Casamance [Senegal’s southern region embroiled in three decades of separatist war] otherwise he is going to lose elections. But he had not listened to me which was why he had fallen heavily,” Jammeh tells rural Gambians.

President Jammeh also extends his badmouthing to Mr. Diouf’s successor Abdoulaye Wade. “When Wade came to The Gambia, I told him that because of his “ndel“(bald head), Senegal would have a lot of problems under his leadership,” he says.

Jammeh mocks Mr. Wade further, saying “one hardly knows his mood. You don’t know whether he is crying or having fun.”

The title-obsessed leader has got an axe to grind with Mr. Wade for calling him Yahya instead of President Jammeh. “Wade has never called me President but Yahya. He would tell me “Yahya Jammeh I am not your equal even if we are both presidents. I am older than you, so you owe me respect.”

“But I told him I am older than him in the presidency, then he also owes great respect,” Jammeh adds.

President Jammeh digs further into his purported private discussion with Mr. Wade. “He explained to me that the West was angry with me for insulting them. I asked him why he would discuss me with the whites. He said the comment was made to him when (Wade’s) talk with George Bush or Jack Chirac, former Presidents of United States and France, respectively.

And I asked him whether they sent him to me, he said as a righteous man he felt oblige to tell me. Then I told him that none of them will say to you that Yaya Jammeh lied, because all I say it is the truth…”



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