Kairo News has been informed about how President Yahya Jammeh had “spiritually dismantled the National Alliance for Democracy and Development (NADD)” eight years ago.

“I laughed off when I heard President Jammeh advising graduating university students to keep away from marabouts in April this year,” our State House Revealer said. “I laughed off because Mr. Jammeh believes and feeds on marabouts’ work day in, day out. He turns to marabouts before he does anything, even before appointing a minister or director. When NADD was formed in January 2005, Jammeh was scared to the bone. As a result, he had been running from one marabous to another. The President called an old Fula marabous and expressed fears of being beaten by a united opposition. He asked the old man to work on the opposition so they would split and soon.

“The old man instantly did some work and asked Jammeh to make sacrifices. He said by the time he was done, nothing would hold the opposition together. President Jammeh immediately sent four other great marabous, including the old Fula man on confinement. Before they got out, news of an opposition split was announced in February 2006. President Jammeh was so happy that he gave huge amount of money and a brand new Pajero to the old Fula man. The marabout cried and soon left for Bissau. Other marabouts were also dashed with cash and a newly built compound. I want Gambians to know that their President is a hypocrite.”

The Revealer added Mr. Jammeh keeps “small and large ruminants to address his sacrificial needs. Jammeh fights people spiritually and mentally. He is in the habit of consulting marabous to work on any person before he employs him/her. He will ask people to find out the name his/her mother calls him. That is why by the time he appoints you minister, he is already done with you. Before appointing Ajay Janneh as chief of Kombo South, he asked about his real name and where he was working at the time.”

NADD, a five-party coalition of Gambian opposition political parties, was officially launched in January 2005. This  followed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the National Democratic Action Movement, National Reconciliation Party, and People’s Progressive Party.The alliance sought “to put an end to self-perpetuating rule, ensure the empowerment of the people so that they can participate in sustainable development.”



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