A fact-check on Yahya Jammeh’s televised meeting with the so-called African Bar Association at State House on Tuesday has proven that Gambian leader is economical with the truth.

1) Defeated President Jammeh seriously erred when he compared the Upper River Region town of Garawol to Serrekunda in terms of population. Garawol is NOT as big as Serrekunda as Jammmeh said. In fact, Garawol is a small town with a population 8100. On the other hand, Serrekunda is the country’s largest town with over 300,000 people.

2) Jammeh embarrassingly stated that only one polling station was installed in Garawol. That is completely false. The town had six (6) polling stations. This is public knowledge, and one needn’t look further than the IEC website for reference.

3) Jammeh was wrong when he claimed that the lowest level of voter turnout ever recorded happened in this year’s election. Nothing is farther from the truth. Since 1994, the lowest level of voter turnout was recorded in 2006 at 58%. This year’s turnout was pegged at 60%.

4) Jammeh always nags the so-called ‘transposed votes’ had swelled Adama Barrow’s votes nationally. What he failed to mention or deliberately ignored is the fact that this error affected all candidates. The votes in question were mistakenly added to the overall national tally of each candidate, but were later corrected.

5) Jammeh accused the IEC of not disclosing the number of votes ‘transposed’. This is false. IEC confirmed in the correction letter, as read by Jammeh himself on tv, that the votes in question are the ‘total’ number of votes cast in Basse. And the total number of votes cast in Basse was 10, 257. That’s simple mathematics!

6) Jammeh reveal that there are some ECOWAS member states that disagreed with the final resolution of the Heads of State summit in Abuja. Well according to the official communiqué, ECOWAS leaders ‘unanimously’ (meaning all of them) urged him to step down.


Courtesy of Gambia Has Decided Facebook Page



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