Henry Gomez doesn't lnow that Gambia is one family!

Henry Gomez doesn’t understand that the small Gambia is one family! 

Mr. Henry Gomez’s remarks are unfortunate and regrettable. I hope he has apologized for the error in making such a remark.

However, this does not rise to the occasion where some call the Mandinkas to wake-up. The Mandinkas do not need to wake up for anything. There is nothing that they should wake-up to.

Yes, there is a political fight. This fight is mostly between the educated people in our different ethnic groupings. Those educated people who choose to involve in tribal politics. Other educated people choose not to involve in the politics of tribe.

For those educated people who choose to involve in the politics of tribe, keep the fight to yourselves. Do not extend it to other members of our ethnic groupings. They have no bone in the fights.

The least we can do is ask people to vote when we have elections. This is the only obligation the people owe to those who choose to get into politics.

Inciting and arousing tribal sentiments to appeal to people who share our ethnicity to help in our political fights is not only dangerous but selfish. This is how ethnic conflicts are started. Thank God the Gambian people are a different breed and will never succumb to such.




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