Sawaneh, Halifa is always getting it wrong. We are in this constitutional quagmire thanks to him and his party. They were the ones who campaigned for people to vote “yes” for a constitution riddled with inconsistencies not to mention the numerous human rights violation provisions in it. And again he is resisting attempts to get rid of such provisions. If I could in fact remember, he was in the constitutional review committee formed by Yahya Jammeh which demonstrates his contributions to the instrument of oppression.

I tried to listen to an audio on his conference but could not continue due to diatribes and rambling statements in it. It is however good that you have spotted inaccuracies in it as always.

My this comment is about his alleged threats to reveal parties’ contributions to the coalition campaign budget (reported in the Point). It demonstrates his deception and blackmailing character. Were they (PDOIS) forced to contribute or was there an agreement between them on parties’ contributions and others failed to honour theirs? However, even in such a situation has he made any efforts to ask those parties to honour their contributions? If the answer to any of these is “no” then one can conclude that they (PDOIS) contributed whatever they did to use it as a blackmail on the other parties.

He is also boasting about his contributions to the coalition. Being the mouthpiece of the coalition does not mean he was the only person doing everything. He should stop making such implications. What happened were efforts of the coalition as a whole and thanks to the people of The Gambia.

Morro Touray


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