In Feb 2011 Yahya Jammeh turned his back on the man responsible for his regime’s survival from 1994-2000, Col. Muammar Gadaffy of Libya. Gadaffy then faced an onslaught from the West which ended up with his murder and overthrow. Jammeh, like Zuma of South Africa, asked Gadaffy to step down from power.


Jammeh asked Gadaffy to resign for “Libya’s peace and stability” and added: “Libya’s people have shown that they want a new leadership in the country”.


Jammeh said that Gaddafy had lost the mandate of the Libyan people and had to resign for the country’s sake. Gadaffy refused to resign and the ensuing war destroyed the country – and the war continues today, December 11, 2016, five years and ten months later.


Today, it is Jammeh that the whole world is telling to “GO” for the sake of The Gambia, its people and regional peace. Having lost an election, and having accepted defeat 10 ten days ago, Jammeh has changed his mind and refuses to give up power. Gambians, Senegal, Ecowas, African Union, Europe, USA, and the United Nations Security Council have all demanded that Jammeh “GO”!


As I write, it remains to be seen whether Jammeh will follow his own advice to Gaddafy and “GO”, or whether he will, like Gaddafy insist on holding onto power and fight his own people and the World to remain in power.


Dida Halake

Notting Hill,

London, UK




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