mai(2)The opposition Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) says it is not attending an opposition alliance talks spearheaded by Mrs. Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang at the YMCA today. In a press release pasted below, the party leader Lawyer Mai Ahmed Fatty sees no reason why the party should attend such a meeting when its leadership does not receive any invitation.


We are surprised to learn of a proposed meeting to be held today at the invitation of Mrs Tambajang’s group on coalition talks. Like some opposition political parties we consulted this morning, GMC did not also receive any invitation or document from Mrs Tambang’s group contrary to the press release.

Although we support the idea in principle and would commend Mrs Tambanjang for the laudable initiative, we regret that GMC cannot partake in deliberations on a matter and on the contents of documents it knows nothing about. We also noted that the group invited a non existing political party PDC, on the status of a lawfully registered political party. We require clarification on that as well. We propose that the group inform and advise itself on the political party stakeholder situation first. It is imperative to get things right from the start.

Mrs. Tambajang’s group’s media notification to us inevitably conditioned us to use the same medium to offer our reply to them. Inviting us through a press release, regrettably, is a matter that we cannot formally submit to our National Leadership for a position to be taken, plus the absence of any relevant documents alleged from the group. Consequently, we state our readiness to fully participate at all talks if we are formally invited and provided with necessary documents proposed by Mrs. Tambajang’s group.

We would encourage Mrs Tambajang to reschedule today’s meeting to afford all stakeholders equal opportunities and facilities to effectively contribute and add value to the initiative. Only through such a participatory process shall all stakeholders fully take ownership and implement resolutions. We remain committed to a consensus principle and have been advocating such consistently.

Pa Nderry MBai, Demba Baldeh, Fatu Camara, Suntou Touray, Sanna Camara, Sainey MK Marenah, MamaLinguere Sarr and other media personalities are being informed herein for necessary action.



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