Sycophancy has eaten up the Gambia’s social fabric to the extent that most people believe the menace requires urgent national solution. But for Gambians to deal with the problem, they have to understand the traits of sycophants first. The nine points below provide clear understanding of what sychophants do.

  1. Sycophants never find it difficult to penetrate whoever and whatever system they want to penetrate.

  2. And that is the trait of Yahya Jammeh’s associates. They have done it with Yahya and they are at it again.

  3. They have started distancing themselves from Yahya whom they were boot-licking for decades by coming up with ludicrous press releases and visiting Barrow.

  4. I think all the uncalled for visits to Barrow should in fact stop knowing the mentalities of Gambians, unless is by our communities and elders who did everything possible to bring about change.

  5. All the others are doing the visits because they expect individual favours in return at some point.

  6. It is simply a performance, competence and qualification based business culture we should build in the country rather than affiliation and nepotism based culture.

  7. We must learn from experiences and lessons. They have done it with Jawara and Yahya. So we must put a stop to it now otherwise we will never prosper.

  8. People will be put in positions they know they do not have the required qualifications, traits/qualities, experiences and competence to carry out the functions.

  9. A prominent Professor once told me that there is an inverse relationship between pomposity and performance. I can see they are again making noises.

  10. just as Yahya, these are the people who were awarded all sorts of degrees and given all sorts of titles. As Yahya, I can see that she calls herself Dr….




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