“What I will like to appeal here is, to appeal to the President that the gesture that he has demonstrated was highly welcomed by all inmates those affected and those not affected, highly welcomed by our families, loved ones, well-wishers both within and beyond the country. I want to urge my brother, the President to continue to show that heart of mercy and sympathy to those other inmates that have been left behind because everyone that comes to Mile II first thing to do is to repent and I know fully that all the inmates have repented. All of us including those we left there because every morning when prisoners wake up the Christian will busy in church services, having their Bible studies, while the Muslims too read the Holy Qur’an or on their beads praying and this is a daily routine in the prison.

This bring them closer to Allah because of their various religious activities which as well make us repented from our sins, regretted whatever one might have done to be part of the prisoners. I know the president cannot release everyone at the same time but I also prayed that with time Allah give him that heart for him to demonstrate another sympathy and mercy and I have no doubt it is a matter of time he do it again.

I hereby appeal to the Gambians that let’s stand together because together we are stronger, let’s stand together to develop our country, lets stand together and maintain the peace and stability of this nation because it is the only way forward peace and stability of the country is the only way forward for the Gambia.

On a final note, I want to take this opportunity to thank our families, friends, relatives, Gambians and non-Gambians alike within and beyond who has always been praying for us since our incarceration, we don’t expect to see everyone but through their prayer that we fully appreciate. And to extend the appreciation to the pipeline mosque committee under the chairmanship of Abou Dandeh Njie and the public relations officer for the support they have been rendering to Mile II prisoners and I prayed that God continue to reward and protect them and give them the fortitude to be able to continue supporting the Mile II prison. I as well want to thank the Christian Council for their support to Mile II, Sister Theresa as well, I thank the prison fellowship for all their support to and I want to call on others to give support to the prison in whatever way they can.”

Source: Daily Observer.

Forwarded by Dida Jallow-Halake.

A very nice man is General Tamba. I still recall Deputy CDS Peter Singhateh, at a “vous” late in the night, waxing lyrical about the wonderful nature of his boss CDS Tamba. Many spoke similarly well of the man – and he exhibited his generous personality here. Bless him.



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