One of former Gambian President’s trusted military officers has been arrested and detained in Southern Senegal’s Casamance region. General Bora Colley was arrested while trying to cross to Guinea Bissau few days ago. He was found with substantial amounts of US dollars and gold.

The Foni Besse native was a former Kanilai Camp Commander who had been accused of committing so many extra-judicial killings for Yahya Jammeh. His victims include the late Sergeant Ello Jallow. Mr. Jammeh had reportedly used him to slaughter babies for his (Jammeh’s) idol worshipping rituals. General Colley, a mere private in the army in July 1994, soon rose through the ranks mainly because of his willingness to carry out Jammeh’s executions without questions.

Colley is currently detained in the Southern Senegal capital of Ziguinchor where interrogators grill him on so many issues, including his connection with Casamance separatist rebels who relied on the Jammeh regime to give life and blood to their three-decade old rebellion. It wasn’t clear when General Colley would be extradited to the Gambia.

General Colley’s arrest and detention have been celebrated by his colleague soldiers who accused him of threatening their lives.

The collapse of Jammeh regime has sent shocking waves among the former leader’s cohorts. Most of the people with dirty hands have since gone into hiding or taken to their heels.


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