Solo Sandeng, Steve Biko of Gambia, was brutally killed for defending democracy!

The Gambia’s Interior Minister is yet to muster the courage to confirm Solo Sandeng’s murder on national media. Osman Sonko however has the audacity to tell diplomats in the neighbouring Senegal what the whole world has been waiting for: it is indeed true that Solo Sandeng died in custody. Without a remorse, Sonko wanted the cold-blooded murder of the opposition United Democratic Party Organising Secretary to be put behind. “It’s happened and it’s time to move on,” Sonko said. He was economical in his words principally to avoid contradicting himself, a tactic deployed by criminals to get away with crimes they commit.

As the Interior Minister, Sonko is responsible for guaranteeing the security of every Gambian, including Solo Sandeng. He has not only failed in his responsibility to protect an innocent citizen from cold-blooded murder but also denied his family the right to bury their beloved in a decent and proper manner. In the words of Lawyer Ousting Darboe, Mr. Sandeng  who led a peaceful protest on April 14th, “was buried like a dog.”

Sonko’s ministry is yet to produce Solo Sandeng even though  defence lawyers have filed application to that effect. Instead the government has since mid-April been beating and rounding up peaceful protesters. The same government is remote controlling a mercenary judge in the person of Justice Ottaba to deny arraigned detainees bail. Justice Ottaba cited security  reasons to deny detainees bail.

Now that Osman Sonko confirmed Solo Sandeng’s death, he has opened enough room for the European Union to freeze assets as well as slap sanctions on officials of a regime that has been feeding on innocent people’s blood.



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