MFDCThe failed military attack on State House in Banjul has reportedly energised the rebels fighting for the cessation of Southern Senegalese province of Casamance.

The Movement for Democratic Forces of Casamance had been waging war in Southern Senegal since early 80s.

“The almost dormant rebel movement headed by Salif Sadio regrouped and held meeting as soon as news emerged that President Jammeh was about to be overthrown through force,” rebel sources confirmed to our roving correspondent just back from Foni in Casamance.

“The rebels were on standby until it became clear that the attempted coup was thwarted. They were ready to launch counterattacks if State House had fallen,” our correspondent added. “The rebels’ action will demonstrate their undivided loyalty to President who they see as their Godfather.”

Gambian President had throughout denied providing support to Casamance rebels some of whose members have been residing in the Gambia, holding the country’s diplomatic passports or working in the country. President Jammeh’s huge influence over the rebels also tells a different story.



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