Gambians protesting in London

Gambians and friends of the Gambia have been invited to yet another anti-Jammeh protest in the German city of Bremen. The peaceful protest, which aims to bring President Yahya Jammeh’s gross human rights violations and president crackdown on his political opponents, kicks off on August 13 at 14:00 hrs. Organisers of the protest who included Lamin Saddam Sanyang in The Netherlands, want people to turn in their large number to expose, name and shame one of the world’s greediest, callous and heartless dictators.

“Let’s come out in our large numbers and expose dictator Jammeh and his enablers to the whole word,” Mr. Sanyang wrote in his announcement message. “The brutal killings, tortures, rapes and other human rights abuses that are happening in our motherland must stop by any means neccessary,” Sanyang, a Gambian activist committed to defeating tyranny in Jammeh’s Gambia, said.

For more information contact Lamin Jaiteh (the one in German and not Holland) on the number below:



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