Gambian leader has reportedly reached the height of desperation and has therefore resorted to a sacrifice spree, slaughtering camels to consolidate his crown. Authoritative sources further tell Kairo News that the desperate President is also hosting a 24-hour Quranic recitation at State House in the capital Banjul.

“President Yahya Jammeh’s aides have been spotted handing over raw camel meat to people in various markets in the Greater Banjul Area,” one impeccable source confirms. “In a rare show of defiance, Gambians have rejected the suspicious meat, turning their backs on the Gambian dictator.”

Our source says President Jammeh has been confined at State House where a large number of Islamic scholars are busy reciting the Quran for him. “These scholars will participate in a special Islamic Conference tonight,” the source adds.

Speculations are rife in The Gambia that Mr. Jammeh might have been informed by his spiritualists that his days are numbered and that he should embark on a sacrifice spree to hold on to power. But one sources says Gambian leader is mired in fears of a renewed opposition against his unpopular government. This is why the arrogant leader cancels his proposed nation-wide tour. 

In another development, Kairo News sources confirm the eruption of commotion at the Banjul ports this morning after one of Mr. Jammeh’s imported bulls from a sub-regional country died. “This results to a complete chaos that causes panic among ports officials,” our source confirms.



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