dr susoForemost academic and opposition United Democratic Party chieftain, Dr Boro Susso, has died aged 70. The former University of The Gambia don died at Pakala Clinic in Banjul after a brief illness on Saturday.

Dr Boro Suso was last seen on the 23rd of August at the very well attended UDP rally in Gunjur, he fell ill short after.

He was buried according to Islamic rites at the Bansang Cemetery in the Central River Region on Saturday evening.

He is survived by two wives and seven children one of which is Bakary Susso, an enthusiastic architect based in United States.

Opposition UDP leader, Ouisainou Darboe, described his death as painful, as his association with the party was well-known. He told The Standard: “It is the biggest loss for me personally. He (Boro) was not just a political ally, he was a friend and a brother. But of course his association with the United Democratic Party is well-known and that was why he was sacked from the University of The Gambia which was a big loss for The Gambia.

“He was pivotal and very prominent for the intellectual make-up of the UDP. He has also been constantly in the media and other platforms contributing to national discourse on different issues relevant to the country’s development. I would say that this is a big loss for The Gambia.”

Dr Boro Susso was a Development Studies lecturer at the University of The Gambia where he also served as the head of department of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. He was dismissed from the university in 2009. Following his sack from the UTG, he had been a lecturer at Stratford College of Management until his demise. Dr Susso was one of the founding members of the United Democratic Party and has been very influential within the party’s executive where he had served. He was also an outspoken commentator on various development issues in the country and has recently spoken to The Standard on the country’s rising domestic debt profile.

Source: Standard


Dr Boro Suso with Lawyer Darboe at Gunjur rally.


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