Pa Nderry Mbai needs to cool down!

I think the allegation that the APRC loyalists are out to sabotage the new government is 100% true. We have people in the system who make it their duty to undermine the Barrow government without any reasonable justification.

These government officials have their collaborators outside the system. One of them is the Freedom Newspaper whose editor started calling this government “illegitimate or tribal” club. This should give any genuine Gambian the zeal to take on Pa Nderry Mbai head on. We must put sense into him to stop his ignorant, senseless journalism aimed at destroying what had taken our forefathers centuries to build. Pa must not be watched using his media as a platform to incite tribalism.

From every indication, it is clear that Pa Nderry has proven to be a hater who quickly changes colours. Today, he is in the same political camp with people like OJ, Baba Leigh and Halifa Sallah. Are these not the same people he had previously lampooned and insulted many times? Just few months ago, Pa castigated Mr Sallah for his “lack of honesty, clarity and unelectability.” Mr. Sallah is Pa’s new hero. What a hypocrisy! Pa did the same to Imam Leigh as soon as he arrived in the USA. He didn’t allow the tortured cleric to recover from his bambadinka nightmares either.

The same attacking dog took a swipe on OJ for failing to join the UDP to honour his (OJ’s) past promise to lead peaceful protest in the country. Top on Pa’s new heroes are OJ, PDOIS and Jammeh supporters.

Gambians must wake up and halt nincompoop haters from deciding our future. We will be doomed if we allow haters like Pa Nderry Mbai to shape public opinion or direct our future.

I am not the least surprised because I have known Pa to be the double edged sword who wines and dines with Yahya Jammeh and his opponents. In fact, in one of my articles I have indicated that Jammeh used pseudonyms to pass sensational information to Pa. Those who are closed to the dictator can attest to this fact. His shift to tear down the Struggle to Liberate the Gambia and threw venom on Faces of the Strugglers all provided us the clue that Pa had hidden a skeleton in his cupboard. Billahi, Pa Nderry hated seeing Yahya Jammeh go. He jumped ship when GDC was formed, becoming the  party’s Goodwill Ambassador.

One thing that Pa is very skillful at is the ability to create breaking news where none exists. It is all part of his negative propaganda to satisfy his pay master’s heart desire to control the narrative, which distracts us from concentrating on real issues. Today, Freedom Newspaper’s stupid breaking news is all about “failed government or tribal politics.” Anything that pleases the APRC, divides or lampoons President Barrow or Ousainou Darboe fits in the agenda of Pa Nderry and his criminal APRC haters in the USA and Europe.

Should we all fold our hands and allow these nimcoomps to control the narrative? No! I will sharpen my pen and get dirty on haters. I will not hasten to expose their incompetence, inconsistencies and dishonest political journalism. And I hope the Hater-in-Chief will muster the courage to publish my articles if he truly upholds his “fair and balance” mantra. The fight must be taken to the doorstep of Freedom Newspaper. We are assured of a conflict-free, democractic and development driven country when we put this man in his rightful place. Pa has deviated from his journalustic principles to criticise the government or public officials constructively. No one can censor him to criticize the new government but he does not have the license to sow seeds of tribal discord, fear and hatred in a country whose people are struggling to heal from 22 years of brutal dictatorship. Pa Nderry needs to understand that fighting against dictatorship is over, for we have a new political leadership that is voted by the people and recognize by the world. The government must be held accountable based on rule of law and democratic values but calling the new government “illegitimate” is an insult to Gambian citizens and international community who stood firm until Yahya Jammeh was flushed out.

Pa Nderry Mbai must be oriented, cultured and harassed for us to live in peace and tranquility. Enough of his not needed torture lessons!




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