darboeThe leader of the United Democratic Party has emphasised the need for the Gambia to put a limit to presidential term. In a message to his thousands of Facebook fans, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said the world is telling African Heads of State to abide by presidential term limit.

Find below Mr. Darboe’s message in full:

Asalamu alaikum all of you, happy Muslim new year. The world is telling the Gambian government to operate according to international norms and the rule of law. We cannot continue suppressing the media, the opposition and assume the development partners will remain in friendly terms. The recent UPR demonstrate that, time is running out for an impoverish country like the Gambia to ignore the United Nations recommendations and the voices of human rights organisations such as Amnesty international, Article 19 and others.

Gambians must understand that, the world is telling African Heads of State to abide by Presidential term limits. Any president who thinks he will not abide by the calls for limitation on the length of time he/she can rule is going against common consensus in Africa and world at large. We in UDP have always argued that, Presidential terms limits is the main safeguards against misuse of power and curbing corruptions. If a President is confident that, he can rule indefinitely what will stop him using force, suppressing the media, the civil service, the security force and other arms of government. The Gambia is abundantly prepared now to have regular change of Presidents and the cabinets. Let us make use of our young brains. The enormous exodus of youth man power abroad is unhealthy for the economic and reproductive progress of the Gambia.

The developing news spectre in Burkina Faso is demonstrating that, power, real power belongs to you the ordinary man and woman, the youths, conscious youths of Africa. It is about time the governments in Africa fear the citizens instead of the other way round. Let us collectively say end to fear rule. We call on our government and other African governments to free all political prisoners. God bless Africa and God bless the Gambia. Have a blessed Friday.



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