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Gambia Electoral Reform Support

Donate below, or forward this email to a friend now. In Gambia, Yahya Jammeh’s political party,

The APRC is the only party allowed access to the National Radio and Television Network.

The APRC is the only party allowed use of government vehicles for election campaigns.

The APRC requires all government employees to support and vote for the party during elections or risk termination and dismissal.

The APRC imports citizens of Senegal from Cassamance, registers them, and enables them to vote for the party.

Gambian citizens who have been forced into exile by Yahya Jammeh, or have fled state persecution, are not allowed to vote during Gambia’s elections.

The opposition parties GMC, NRP, PDOIS, PPP, and The UDP, are required to obtain police permit to campaign, and when denied that permit as is generally the case, they are barred from campaigning and canvassing for votes.

The opposition political parties of Gambia are engaged in discussions with the Gambia Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), for free, fair, and transparent elections in Gambia. This fundraising effort will supplement those efforts for good elections in Gambia particularly to facilitate voting by Diaspora Gambians.

We seek your support.


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Haruna Darbo


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