Jammeh and Macky

Jammeh and Macky

By Abdoulie John

The Gambia has closed its borders with Senegal. This followed the move taken by transport unionists to disrupt traffic between the two neighbouring countries.

“The traffic flow along the ferry terminal has drastically changed. There is a significant reduction in number of vehicles crossing,” said a resident of Banjul who spoke to this reporter under conditions of anonymity.

Last week, Gambian authorities augmented the cost of ferry tickets across all the country’s crossing points. The decision provoked significant political and public reactions in Senegal, with the country’s national transport union deciding to block the traffic within the borders.

Contacted by telephone to shed light on The Gambia government’s decision to scale up the crisis by closing the border, Gambian Foreign Affairs Minister Neneh Macdouall-Gaye declined to comment.

“I have a very urgent meeting. We will discuss about it later,” she said. The following day, efforts to reach out to her remained futile as nobody answers to repeated calls.

Senegal’s Transport Union leader Gora Khouma said The Gambia seems to be escalating things. “The Gambia has closed the border. I think the matter has now gone beyond our reach. It is up to the two States to solve it,” he said.

Security personnel at border posts located in Senegal have confirmed the closure.



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