Fellow Gambians, fellow members of the Gambia Armed Forces’.

For now, I will only reveal to you that I’m a member of the Gambia Armed Forces and a highly ranked officer but please allow me to remain anonymous till we succeed in making the rest of the Armed Forces realise the mistake we are about to make if we didn’t change our minds. I repeat… If we didn’t change our minds.

I begin my statement by saying that I’m a high ranked soldier who begins to think clearly and I decided to comment on this page not because I’m a fan of Adama Barrow but because my duty as a soldier is to protect the people of the Gambia. And through this page, I believe I can reach out to my fellow desperate soldiers and service men who are on standby not because they want to be there, but because they are afraid to be jailed without following commands.

What we need to understand is, Yahya Jammed is elected out and Mr. Adama Barrow will be our new president by January whether we believe it or not because Gambian people voted for Barrow.

Secondly, We must all continue to keep the oath we took as we were being sworn in as soldiers. We swear to defend the country and not a president. I mean we swear to defend neither Yahya Jammeh nor Adama Barrow but the Gambia our nation and the people of the Gambia.

Point of correction. Most of you heard General Ousman Badjie’s speech saying that “you will go to Jannah (Paradise) if you die defending your nation.” I’m not a religious leader, I can’t say is true or not but what I can say is, even if it is true, defending Yahya Jammeh is not defending your country. Your job as a soldier is to defend your country. Let no one fool you to believe Ousman Badjie.

Yahya Jammeh is likely to be prosecuted. Therefore he doesn’t want to let go power and he wants to use us to protect himself. Let us open our eyes fellow soldiers.

The people of the Gambia voted for Mr. Adama Barrow, therefore, no soldier including myself have the right to stand behind outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to protect him if he illegally wants to remain in power. Whoever does so is gonna regret. Remember Jammeh is not a fool, he relocated his family out of the country and preparing for war. Sadly enough, we are here with our family who will bear the pain.

Yahya Jammeh is a looser and he is now using us to keep him temporarily safe while risking the lives of our own family members who are desperately confused about what the Gambia is facing (a possible war between “Yahya Jammeh plus the misled soldiers behind him” vs. “the true soldiers plus outside forces).”

I say keeping Yahya Jammeh temporarily safe because Gambian soldiers truly cannot stand outside forces for long. We don’t have jet fighters, we don’t have submarines. We don’t have any proper air defense system. Only one or two jet fighters is enough to clear us all and the rest will be forced to surrender or runaway. This is fact and don’t think I’m making up stories. Even Yahya Jammeh knows what’s at stake, that’s why he sent his wife and children out. He selfishly did not care about us and our families. So why risk your life for a looser president who is one way or the other gonna leave the office.

I remind you all fellow soldiers, Jammeh is only strong with soldiers behind him. If we all stand strong, united as nation, for our nation, Jammeh will have no one to back him. He will definitely runaway. He is misleading us by bribing our colleagues through promotion, only for them to command us to protect him. It is very clear that Yahya Jammeh is using us and we will regret if we allow him to use us.

Gambian people no more like Jammeh. Only the relatives of close Jammeh’s officers like Jammeh. Police truly in heart don’t like Jammeh, likewise Immigration officers. So who are we to say we want to protect an already defeated president. Can we please think clearly for once.

Yes I will be fully ready to die protecting Jammeh if he truly won the election but in this case he is not the president by January. No soldier including myself should stand behind him or take orders from him immediately Mr. Adama Barrow is sworn in.

As at now, we are faced with the most serious issue ever faced by the people of the Gambia (a peaceful country), the people we swear to protect.

Sadly enough, most of the other soldiers I already talk to are just feeling the same as I am. Finding themselves on endless standby just because of one selfish Yahya Jammeh. For days we don’t see our family members.

We want to have our lives back. To be with family and friends yet enjoying our peaceful day to day office work with steady minds. We don’t want to keep standing outside on endless standby like a watch dog. And that’s what we have when Jammeh keep staying in power. Enough is enough.

Unfortunately, most of the younger solders are in the front line behind sandbags meaning… God forbid… something happened, you will be shut to death first before Jammeh that you trying to protect which you did not swear for. Again we were sworn in to protect the Gambia. Jammeh is clinging to power which he is already voted out.

To end my statement, I’m doing my part to secretly talk to my fellow soldiers and I’m really happy with the number of soldiers thinking clear.

Please spread the massage to give courage to the remaining few misled soldiers which I believe will join us soon and surprise Jammeh with a step down order. Join me in saluting president-elect Adama Barrow.


May peace prevail.

PS: Soldiers… We unite and order Jammeh to step down before it’s too late. Remember Jammeh is strong only with us behind him.


(courtesy of Fatu Net)



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