2016 is defining moment for mother Gambia

December 2016? An election? A Revolution? A Do or Die? A new president is a must?

There is a religious adage that says: When GOD decides to improve a situation; He makes it look like hopeless. We pray that to happen in the Gambia in 2016.

Will December 2016 be the year of freedom from 22 years of tyranny?

All indications lead to Gambians wanting to reclaim their lost freedom and dignity from Yaya Jammeh’s modern day slavery? The clock is ticking, the momentum is building up and hopes are high. Everyone is talking, there are agitations everywhere and the freedom word is on the lips of all Gambians at home and abroad. Unity is the catchword and the word exile needs to disappear from the Gambian vocabulary.
We have to cross the roadblocks. Roadblocks imposed by Yaya Jammeh on the opposition parties and the diaspora through draconian electoral laws, undemocratic laws and unfair rules. Roadblocks silencers imposed on the local media not to broadcast any message of the opposition parties. These roadblocks show clearly that the incumbent is uneasy, jittery and lacks self-confident. The president pushed us against the wall and no amount of intimidation can save him. Yaya Jammeh is a ruthless and arrogant provocateur of the highest order. He enjoys provoking Gambians, there is not a single sector of society that Yaya Jammeh did not deliberately aggress, provoke and humiliate. We should STOP Jammeh and show him the exit door.

There is not a single sector of the Gambian economy that Yaya Jammeh did not infiltrate and rake millions of dalasi therein. He has an interest in everything smelling money in the country. Over the years he has become the richest Gambian dishing out millions left right and center, displaying luxurious vehicles and building a new city for his enjoyment in Kanilai while being unaccountable to no one.

Of course when a president is guilty of too many crimes, he must barricade himself behind a fortress of heavy guns and draconian laws. Gambians will have to break these barriers to retrieve what belongs to us. Gambians have enough of Jammeh’s deliberate provocations, economic mess and arrogance. December 2016 is testing time for both Gambians and Yaya Jammeh. Power belongs to Gambian voters.
Clearly every sector of society is affected, the soldiers, the politicians, the journalists, government civil servants, the businessmen, the Imams, the women, the Christians and the youths even the imaginary witches are not spared by this idle, brutal and commander in thief.

Those that are closed to the dictator are the worst hit by his madness. Close aides, oderlies and cooks are running for their lives, civil servants wake up each morning not knowing what bad news awaits them, whiles the country brace up for the next executive directive. The bankrupt economy leaves no one at ease, not even the APRC militants, unemployment is rampant and salaries are stagnant. All these are enough ingredients that can lead to social explosion. The Gambia is a suffocating country to live in and if these tensions are not properly channel to peaceful electoral change the country can drift into havoc, GOD forbid.

A lot has taken place from 2011 to date. All government parastatals have been milked dry by the president, all of them are surviving on bank overdrafts and loans. The president misused a large amount of the pension funds at the SSHFC. The petroleum industry is own by the president and his partners. The only wheat flower mill in the country with a monopoly status is own by the president’s partners.
Only crumbs of the economy are left for 1.5 millions to scramble and survive on. Everything about Yaya Jammeh is about money, money and power.

Yaya Jammeh has accumulated so much money and abused power for so long, it’s more than high time for him to go.

Gambians should now brace up for the final push. Those who think elections cannot remove a president should rethink their position. A president cannot elect himself; it is the people that vote that get him elected. The voters are not forced to vote for any candidate at the polling booth; they are free to choose whom to vote for. This being the case, it behooves on Gambians in general, the diaspora in particular and the opposition parties to tell voters not to vote for Jammeh in this coming election.
Changing president depend on Gambians decision to vote him in or out. All that the opposition parties, the civil rights activists and the online media can do is, educate, campaign and tell Gambians not to prolong their suffering another five years under Jammeh and vote for the opposition. If the opposition fails to get into office in December 2016, it will be the fault of Gambians voters who do not want to change the president by the ballot. This is not fiction but facts. The opposition will do all they can; they will campaign vigorously to encourage voters to vote against Jammeh but if Gambians are not ready to change president hey! Gambian voters are to blame not the opposition.

Change is the hands of Gambian registered voters. Period.

Our biggest enemy is discouraging each other. Our best chances are encouraging each other to go vote massively against our common enemy.
2016 can be the turning point if we the Gambian voters are ready for change.

Thank you.
Deyda Haidara



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