A number of blacklisted Gambian pardoned Mile 2 prisoners have been denied passports, Kairo News investigation has proven.

President Yahya Jammeh in July granted amnesty to over 200 convicted drug dealers, treason convicts and others. The Gambia government is yet to make the list of pardoned prisoners public, raising more questions than answers.

The Jammeh government seems to have regretted releasing some prisoners convicted of treason. “These former convicts, most of who were either soldiers or rebel attackers, have been under heavy surveillance,” said a source that begs for cover. And to nail the coffin, the Immigration Department has been instructed not to issue passports to the blacklisted released prisoners.

Already, the government has refused to process the passport application of a host of pardoned prisoners. “They include former Captains Yaya Darboe, Bunja Darboe and Wassa Camara,” our source reported.

The Gambia government’s behaviour towards the pardoned prisoners has clearly questioned the genuineness of the so-called goodwill gesture.


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