tears1Kairo News crew is trying to verify the incidence of former President Jammeh’s right hand man, SG Momdou Sabally sobbing with the NIAs. Our sources are working to confirm the alleged incident. If you were in court or witnessed Momodou Sabally sobbing, email kaironews12@gmail.com. Our Executive Editor Musa Saidykhan and Senior Editor Yaya Dampha are working to verify the story.

You will recall that Momodou Sabally was the man who was bent on abusing and pulling down anti-Jammeh critics. He was so close to the President that he forgot to do the one important thing: reflect on his own. He has now got the message that President Jammeh is not civilise enough to spare his right hand men who sacrificed everything for him. The list is long and many, (Ben Jammeh, Pa Harry, Jesus Badjie, Sanna Sabally, Edward Singhateh, Pa Bojang, Kawsu Camara, etc etc). Please add to the list of the fallen Jammeh angels.

Keep us posted if you were in court or witness Sabally being brought in.



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