Alhagie Omar Ceesay, the cleric who wakes up Satan in Salikenni

Today, the old English proverb has been proven very right by the People of Badibu Salikenni in the North Bank Region, where one of the great scholars was put where he belongs. Alhagie Omar Ceesay, a Saudi Arabia alumni who specialised on Islamic jurisprudence, is a prominent supporter of the ruling APRC in Baddibu Salikenni. This scholar has finally achieved his long goal of infesting religion with politics into the craddle of an opposition stronghold village. By that Alhagie Omar has demonstrated that “EDUCATION WITHOUT MORAL IS TANTAMOUNT TO NONENTITY.

As a semi-rich man, the learned scholar thinks his best bet lies in using his artificial splendour and opulence over the people of Salikenn to fight for Imamship. How wrong he was, for he doesn’t know he is nothing but a toothless bull dog that only barks behind the corridors of minaret.

Flanked by his supporters and sons, Alhagie Omar Ceesay stormed the Eid-ul-fitr prayer grounds, claiming to take the mantle of Salikenni imamship where thousands of worshippers gathered. The goal of Ceesay and his supporters is to render the current imam, Fa Illo Ceesay, useless. Fa Illo, an uncle to Alhagie Omar, was one of those poor parents who contributed their dime to support fitna-obsessed scholar to study in Saudi Arabia.

A bitter argument soon ensued between the uncle and his nephew before they retire into fistful fight. This has thrown the 12 Salikenni clans an into religious fight, giving the  vulnerable populations (women, children and old folks) testing the speed of their legs. The family and partisan politicians in collaboration with FA ILLO CEESAY’s supporters started throwing stones and gravels like bulldozers at the opponent site of Alhagie Omar ceesay, whose supporters were basking on their past glories as descendants of MASANNEH KULUKOI CEESAY.

The women folks who took to the heels of their private cars (newly bought shoes and dresses) for the pray could be seen flying like the tattered winds.

The civil and religious skirmishes has left us without observing RAMADAN prayers as one of the biggest feast in the Muslim calendar. Imam Ceesay was quoted saying, hay! PEOPLE why do you allow this illiterate, novice, nonentity to lead you in to prayers, advancing forward to push the old IMAM FA ILLO CEESAY, then a fight began between the two opposing camps, leaving Alhagie Omar Ceesay and his team defeated.

It was reported that a crowd of SALIKENNI youths are at the mosque entrance waiting to see the return of Alh. Omar Ceesay in to the Mosque. This means the youths have to either send him to exile, abdicate or excommunicate him from the Mosque or he will be call to rest upon arrival at the mosque scene. KEREWAN POLICE were notified about the incident but the commanding officer, KEBBA BOJANG is afraid to send a riot team to combat the problem. At this point in time a deployment of 20 paramilitary officers in full gears were on their way to BADIBU SALIKENNI. It is believed that in days to come Gambia will be on flames because the officers are going to make stupid arrest which will be greeted with gun fires, assault and possible random arrests, detention and harassment of the opposition members in SALIKENNI.

The SALIKENNI diaspora group have been notified about the skirmishes, but are yet to come up with a statement on the issue.

According some women and old men, Alhagie Omar Ceesay has gone too far to attack the existing IMAM and above all he has no right to claim for IMAMSHIP because it is not in their line of succession or lineage, so they don’t know what is he bouncing on to, but the end will justify the mean as the mean stakes to judge the doer. The Islamic body have also been notified but they also have not come up with any statement yet, it is believed that they will go their but may side with Alh.Omar Ceesay which the youths are waiting to see if they will have the got to side with the wrong doers without going through the principles of QUR-AN and HADITH of prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

There is possibility of changing the religious conflict in to political turmoil.





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