Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh has started sharing a snippet of the former regime’s financial mess. The regime has dried coffers of two of the country’s major public corporations: Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Gamtel) and Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC).

Mr. Sanneh revealed that the Jammeh APRC administration that had throughout accused the Jawara government of “rampant corruption and embezzlement of state resources,” has “dipped its long arm into worker’s pension funds through rampant ‘Executive Directives’. A total of D2, 094, 891, 000 was withdrawn by Executive Directives to a multitude of expenditures.”

Mr. Sanneh also gave samples of the Jammeh regime’s “withdrawal from the new Gamtel gateway project Account called Special Project Funds includes.”

The following unexplained withdrawals from the Gamtel gateway account below clearly explained why Yahya Jammeh was to stay in power at all costs. They also vindicated Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty’s earlier expose that Mr. Jammeh had dried national coffers.

* 15 July 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$300,000 by Sanna Jarju, Office of the President

* 23 July 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$700, 000 through Sanna Jarju, Office of the President

* 23 July 2014: cash withdrawal of US$600,000 through Sanna Jarjue, office of the President

*11 August 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$1,000,000 Office of the President

*10 September 2014: Cash withdrawal of US$1,000,000, office of the president

*25 March 2015: Cash withdrawal of US$750, 000 by Sanna Jarjue, Office of the President.

Kairo News has been digging deeper into financial scandal at Gamtel whose Director General Baboucarr Sanyang has a lot to explain.



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