Gambian Vice President toiling at his Boss’s farm. Shameless!

As top civil servants get muddy and undignified in Kanilai, with the slave master walking majestically in inspections, with broad smiles and wondering how easy he was able to use the ‘animal farm’ concept to hoodwink and control low self esteemed educated elites and illiterate on equal measure. The FAO lazy and misplaced officials in Gambia attempting to massage the ego of a brutal maniac of an African dictator, gave President Jammeh an award for fighting hunger. In actual fact the award should go to Gambians in Diaspora who feed and cater for every needs of Gambians, rather than the man who swindle millions through different corrupt measures, including foreign currency manipulations to cause hardship and pain on his people.

Below is a link to some surveys that put many things in perspective that, lazy NGO official misses:

2013 Demographic and Health Surveys reported 25% (1 in 4) of all children under 5 years stunted, 16% underweight, and 12% wasted. Fiull report can be downloaded here:…/publication-fr289-dhs-final-reports….

Can someone tell us where the ‪#‎FAO‬ arrived at the 5% undernourishment rate being reported here?

“The farming activities are part of events marking the celebration of the second FAO award given to The Gambia in her efforts in reversing the trendof malnutrition and undernourishment to less than 5% in 2015 and the MDG 1c target of reducing the prevalence of undernourishment.”

It’s tells a lot about our country when the government finds it easier to lie to the people than work for them.

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